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Beautiful Dribble Bibs, Feeding Bibs and Baby Blankets Handmade in Cornwall

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Fantastic New Review of Cornish Daisy Bibs and Blankets

Chic Geek Diary

We would like to thank Jen of Chic Geek Diary for her kind words.

The full review can be found here

Check out the rest of the site for Jen’s experience of pregnancy, childbirth and life with her new baby.

Wonderful review of Cornish Daisy Pod Feeding Bibs



Many thanks to rocknrollerbaby for their fantastic review of our bibs.

It can be read hereĀ 

Rocknroller is a fantastic site with a wealth of tips and info for parents of young children.

Lovely Review for Cornish Daisy Blankets

Thank you for Shelly Owens for a fabulous review of our white star blue microfleece blanket on

Its nice to be appreciated!.