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It’s Snow Joke at Higher Ruby


Apologies for the pun.

This winter, and last summer, has been rain, rain and more rain!

However, much to the delight of our youngest son, Bertie, we did have one day of snow.

Cornish Daisy Dribble Bibs

Snowy Morning

play in the snow

The kids at play

While the rest of the country had tons of the stuff, us in temperate Cornwall had more rain.

Bertie (9), a budding carpenter, had built a sled in anticipation and at show and tell a couple of days earlier he had stood up in front of the whole school to show it off.

Therefore the whole school was rooting for snow, for Bertie, but the forecast showed just more of the wet stuff.

However someone up there must have heard his prayers because, despite the forecast, we woke up to snow. Our school was the only school in Cornwall to close, that was how local in was!!!.

Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs

The kids had a great time but by the afternoon it was raining and the fun was over.

But at least Bertie got to use his sled.

Horses in the snow

Horses in the Higher Ruby snow









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