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Nice New Customer comment on facebook.

Thank you for your kind words.


Ordered 3 of your gorgeous bibs from mums and littles one, which arrived today, now I can see how people get addicted to buying them!

I got candy stripes, starberry & my favourite the gorgeous liberty print!! 6 weeks until little lady is here to wear them now.

Love the new flower bib so I’m going to throw in a few names now! It won’t let me share on my phone though?

I’m using my husbands fb before I cramp his style making people think he is a bib obsessed male 😉

Thank you from a very happy Mummy 🙂 x

Customer Comments Roundup

A selection of lovely comments from our facebook page 


Yet again speedy delivery and fab quality product. Pictures to follow!!

My bib collection is gowing nicely lol

thanks for Jaspers blanket hes super snuggly now 🙂

Got my bibs today they are fab thanks again can’t wait to get a personalised one xoxo

Thank you for Louie’s bibs! There lovely! Many thanks x

hell up here this morning when i tried to take away the sailboat snuggler at breakfast so it didnt get covered in porridge ! oscar has been attatched to it all night and morning , think he likes it !! lol xxx

hello received my order today and im so blown away i love them all thankyou so much xxx

Thank you so much for my latest delivery, it’s all beautiful, have to say though, am totally struggling to find what makes the bibs seconds?!lol!x

Thank you for my dribble bibs that arrived today. Sold as seconds but I think they are perfect!

Got my personalised bib today, thank you, it’s absolutely gorgeous!! 🙂 x

Wow!! Elliott’s personalised bib came today (super quick!!) it’s amazing!! Will upload a picture tomorrow. Thank you x

Jemima is delighted with her Cornish Daisy bib 😀 !! xx

Personalised dribble bibs



Winner of the rename Bid Poll Announced

St Ives Stripe Dribble Bib

St Ives Stripe Dribble Bib

The Winner is:-


“St Ives Stripes” by Angela Thomas (59%, 40 Votes).


Congratulations Angela, your bib is on the post

New Name Needed for Bright Stripes Dribble Bib

Latest bib name needed.  We have called it bright stripes & multi stripe but I’m sure you lot can come up with something much better I will pick 5 of my favourite names tomorrow night. Good luck.

To suggest a name go to and leave a comment.


Our favourite five will be entered into a poll on this site on Friday 2 March and the author of the winning name gets a bib.


Name Needed for Bib

Name Needed for Bib

Poll to choose the name of the new Cornish Daisy Dribble Bib is now open.

Flowery Bib needs a name

Flowery Bib needs a name

The five names to go on the voting poll on are
Olivia Kirby ——————–Blossom
Debbie Bisphan—————–Vintage Blossom
Kerry Trengove—————–Baby Blossom
Jennifer Tonkin—————–Dizzy Daisy
Jennifer Low ——————-Flower Fairy
If the names were chosen by more than one person I have put it with the person who chose it first. Good luck in the voting.

The poll closes on Monday night.

The winner will receive one of the new bibs or a boy bib if preferred.